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How to pass a drug test for benzos

There are a couple of ways to pass a benzo drug test. You know flushing out Benzodiazepines of your system is not harder than getting rid of any toxins. There are a couple of produt what can significantly speed up the process or there is another way: mask benzos in your system so the drug test can not detect it.

There are 4 kind of different benzo drug test, same with every drug:

  1. Urine
  2. Hair
  3. Blood
  4. Salvia

How to pass a drug test for benzos

The first two option is the mst common because benzdiazepines leave yur blood and saliva very early, within a few hours or one day maximum. So if you have an upcoming 6 panel drug test (5 panel drug tests can not detect benzos) then you best bet is to mask them in your system with some detox drinks.

These drinks are available online and in many smoke shops. You should drink the detox drink one hours before the test, urinate twice and you are good to go.

This work for all kind of drugs: opiates, THC, Ampehatimes,Benzos, Coke etc..basically you will get clean urine for about 5 hours, so whatever drug is in your system, it will stay in for 5 hours. If you submit the sample anytime within this timeframe, you are good.

If you want to get rid of benzos from your hair, then the macujo method is your best bet. Its not easy nor cheap and it takes a couple of days, but it does work. It will detox your hair from all toxins not just from benzdiazepines.

How To Flush Benzodiazepines Out Of Your System

How To Flush Benzodiazepines Out Of Your System

As I described it earlier, there are a couple of ways to pass a drug test for benzos, but these options are not permanent, your system wont detox, its just a temporary solution. If you want more than just passing the drug test, then you will need to do more. First off you need to stop using drugs and taking medications like benzos. Second you will need to change your lifestyle a bit, workout regularly, eat healthy and drink as much water as you can.

Check this youtube comment out, he didnt take benzos, but smoked weed regularly, the cleansing process is the same, drug is drug, you can get rid of them in the same way:

„I had 72 hours before the test n faced an L in the closet the same day. I took 10 250mg Niacin, 24/7 burn formula, and Cranberry pills each day. Also drank Magnesium Citrate (just to be safe) with lots of water and did Cardio activities.

Then on top of that I always tried to keep some Ready Clean Detox on stand by when I find it around $20 at any vitamin or GNC shop. Drank that 3 hours before my test got sent to the lab n still passed. If u serious about it I hope that helps.”

So if you are wondering how to Flush benzodazepines out of your system then you already know, one thing I want to emphasize is its not necessary to get clean in order to pass a benzo drug test. using detox drinks and masking toxins is way easier than detoxing your system permanently.

Forget about permanent detox option if you are going to take any kind of medications again, you will be „ dirty” again and you will need to do the detox routine over again.

Santa Monica Will Vote on Pot

SANTA MONICA, CA. – Voters will decide in November if marijuana should become the lowest police priority in the city, as city council members reluctantly ratified a ballot initiative filed by Santa Monicans for Sensible Marijuana Policy earlier this month.

“This initiative, in short, will remove the handcuffs from our esteemed police and allow them to focus on violent and serious crime, rather than persecuting law-abiding and otherwise harmless citizens,” said Luciano Hernandez of SMSMP.

Signed by over 8,000 residents, the initiative requires police to answer all calls-for example loud music and parking violations-before dispatching an officer to handle a complaint about someone smoking pot. This does not make marijuana legal, however it severely limits how officers can enforce the law.

“From a practical standpoint, it would be virtually impossible for police to enforce…because there would be other calls that are in a pending queue. Officers would no longer be able to develop probable cause based on observations or [smelling marijuana],” an officer representing the police department said at a meeting weeks prior.

Many council members voiced strong objection over details and language in the initiative, one pointing out that officers on the beach would have to cite someone smoking a cigarette before citing someone smoking a joint.

Santa monica weed legalization

There is no smoking on Santa Monica Beaches.

A month prior, West Hollywood City Council Members bypassed voters and immediately approved a similar resolution. However, that city is without its own police force, and contracts with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for civil services. They have no legal means of ensuring that sheriff’s deputies follow the policy, because state law only allows the use of marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation.

If voters approve the initiative, Santa Monica will become the first city in Southern California with its own police force to instruct law enforcement regarding marijuana, prompting other municipalities to do the same.

Located 16 miles west of downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica (Pop. 103,000) is known to be progressive. It was the first city in L.A. county to outlaw smoking on beaches, which is now commonplace in the region, and was the first city in the nation to pass laws protecting workers laid off due to decreased tourism from the September 11th terrorist attacks.

A recent poll found 65% of registered voters in Santa Monica support the initiative, which is expected to meet little resistance at the polls this fall.

Proposition 19 — is California Going to Pot?

According to the most recent polling information, California State Proposition 19, which would legalize marijuana possession, is likely to go down to defeat. The nonpartisan Field Poll results for October 31st show only 42% of likely voters support Proposition 19, while 49% oppose it.

This is a reversal from polling in September which showed the initiative leading 49-to-42%.

Currently, possession of a small amount of marijuana, if prosecuted at all, is dealt with like a traffic fine. And marijuana is legal for medicinal uses. So why the need for the initiative? Some support legalization to end hypocrisy and double standards (why is possession of pot criminalized at all while alcohol is not, they’ll say), while others believe the state is missing out on the potential revenue that taxation would afford.

Proposition 19 would not just legalize pot, but would also allow local governments to regulate and tax the sale of marijuana in the State.

Candidates for statewide election on both sides of the aisle have indicated their opposition to the proposition as have the police chiefs of every county save San Francisco. Some oppose the initiative because they don’t want to appear soft on drugs or on crime. Others, such as the L.A. Times, think the law would create an unnecessary additional level of governmental bureaucracy by requiring each of the 536 separate cities and counties in the State to impose their own rules.

California weed

Some pollsters think the gap may be more narrow, believing that some polled may be unwilling to admit their support for legalized drugs to phone or in-person questioners. If this is true, then the makeup of the voters tomorrow will be crucial in determining whether the initiative can overcome its seeming deficit . This is especially true during this off-year election where most are predicting a pro-Republican (or, at least, anti-incumbent) turnout.

Despite the last minute influx of money by billionaire George Soros, some $1 million to support the initiative, those most likely to vote tomorrow are not likely to be swayed by last-minute ads to support legalization.

If Republicans, motivated to send an anti-Obama message to Washington, come out in droves, it is likely that Prop. 19 will go down to defeat. Latest polling shows Democrats support Prop 19 by a slim majority (51%), while Republicans oppose it 65% to 25%. Voters under 40 years old (who lean Democrat) support the initiative 54% to 38%, while voters 65 or older (more likely Republican) are against it, 63% to 29%.

This may not be the year that pot becomes legalized in California, but proponents will surely try again. Perhaps a rewrite that better establishes regulatory policies would overcome some of the more mainstream opposition. But it is surprising that a State that looks to be sending one of the most Liberal Senators back to Washington is too conservative to support legalizing marijuana.

Marijuana Legalization – War on Choice

Marijuana has been used for thousands of years and is one of the most resourceful plants in the world. In 1938, Popular Mechanics magazine prepared an article titled “New BIllion Dollar Crop” because hemp could be used to create over 30,000 different products. Such products include: dynamite, cellophane, clothes, paper, and oils. Nearly 70 years later, this billion dollar crop is illegal to possess and thought to destroy the minds of anyone who touches it.

Currently, half of the prisoners incarcerated are there for nonviolent drug offenses. The drug war has lead to an increase in the use of illegal drugs since it began, showing how successful it has been. The drug war rages on in Mexico and has led to thousands of deaths. In 2008, according to, 5,612 people were executed in the drug war. And there will be thousands more to add to that at the end of 2017

Many users continue to take the risk, some are confronted with violent drug dealers and weapons on the streets. The product is often strengthened by the seller using chemicals and becomes less safe for the user. The user can also be cheated or robbed by the dealer with no protection from police because they are also looking for anyone possessing illegal drugs.

Children are misled to believe that smoking marijuana is the same as using other, harder drugs. If children do experiment with it, they might find out marijuana is not so harmful, therefore, cocaine must not be harmful either. This lack in education might lead to the “gateway drug” theory.

legalize it

There are many reasons why legalizaing marijuana would be beneficial. It can be taxed like tobacco and alcohol. The taxes would add hundreds of millions of dollars to our economy. The economy would also benefit through the thousands of products that would become available from hemp. Hemp is a renewable resource, so it could be grown to replace our dependence on foreign oil and trees for paper, forever.

Another positive reason to legalize is to wipe out the element from the drug dealers arsenal. Al Capone, famous bootlegger and mobster, had no illegal operation to go back to when he got out of prison. Legalizing alcohol took his product and all his customers away. If the product is legal, drug dealers have no product to sell.

It cannot cure disease, but it is exponentially safer and as effective as prescription painkillers for some. Dr. Lester Greenspoon, Professor of Psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School, spent years studying the topic and its health effects. He concluded: “Marijuana was not only not a dangerous drug, but indeed, it was remarkably non-toxic.” Ironically, his son suffered from acute lymphocytic leukemia and was in immense pain after chemotherapy.

When his son started smoking marijuana before his chemotherapy, the nausea and vomiting he had experienced after previous treatments were completely gone, giving a better quality of life to him and his parents until his death.

Honestly, there are not many cons other than responsibility issues. It is difficult to say legalization would do harm because there are plenty of legal drugs that do harm. Alcohol and cars do harm. A recent report released by the Florida Medical Examiners Commission concluded that prescription drugs kill 300% more Americans than illegal drugs.

Not to mention nobody has every died from a marijuana overdose. There is the “gateway drug” theory that can be checked through proper education, responsibility, and less misinformation.

Many state governments are overriding the federal government and legalizing marijuana to an extent, and the states are not crumbling in chaos. Legal drugs already kill, have negative health effects, and lead to addiction problems. The idea is that people need to use what they use as responsibly as possible. And that always has been the idea. At the end of prohibition, people had to know there would be irresponsible drinkers.

But that pales in comparison to the average person that wants to have a beer and relax in the privacy of their home or with friends. If you happen to be an anti-drug individual, tell someone to not smoke tobacco instead of marijuana, at least you might save a life.

Trump: Will He Legalize Marijuana?

President Trump believes in the decriminalization of marijuana! Now, I can’t say it was a direct admittance that he will decriminalize marijuana, but it’s as good as your going to get.

As far as I am concerned, it is clear as day, and was well asked while the president was not on his guard. He was well prepared for the question though, and I applaud him for that. Read it yourself and see.

There is proof all over the internet that Trump is pro-marijuana. No matter how many times he says, “I believe in Decriminalization, not Legalization.” It’s still the same thing. In order to decriminalize anything, you have to make it legal. If you can’t arrest marijuana smokers or possessors, than it is legal for them to have their marijuana and smoke it too, isn’t it?

What I think most people fail to realize, is that Trump is not stupid. No matter what he believes on the fore front of a new drug policy, he is not going to come out right and say, “Lets Legalize! Light it Up!” he can’t say that. It would give the republicans one more thing to hold against him. Instead, he is going for the logical plan. Baby steps. First we lessen the harsh federal laws, so that they are in conjunction with the state laws. Then we stop spending money trying to chase down non violent first time drug offenders.

It will take some time to get to the legalization part.

And yet, even with the marijuana law reform looking like its going to be a slow turn around, its still a much better prospect then it has been in over 2 decades. This information has people all over the US laughing like giddy little girls. It’s the start to something long over due.

trump legalise marijuana

There have already been reputable reports that legalizing MJ would bring new economic funding to our nation, as well as saving about 3 billion dollars of tax payer money. The drug prohibition has lost, and that’s nothing new. Everyone knows it, and it’s about time someone who wasn’t a coward, made it into office with the right mind to stop wasting our money.

The truth of the matter though, no matter how you look at it, is that Trump himself is not going to make the change. He will start it with the decriminalization, and exercising control over the DEA which has been aloud to run a mockery for years. But what people are looking for, is if he is going to make a federal announcement to legalize marijuana. He’s not the one who will do it.

What needs to happen, is that the people who seek marijuana to be legalized, which is more then 50% of US citizens, need to put the bill into action. It needs to be well thought out, and the president himself should need to do nothing more than sign it. It should describe clearly and concisely what the new laws should be.

*18 years or older only (the same as cigarettes)

*No Driving Under the Influence (same as alcohol, pills and any other substance)

*Can only be bought and/or sold by reputable shops with legal business license’s (Same as alcohol)

*Allowable prescriptions by doctors

*Taxable at the same rate of cigarettes

*Allowable to grow in your own home (same as tobacco, and any other plant)

*Schools should educate about drugs in a proactive approach to diminishing all drug use

*It should not be able to fire a person from their job for marijuana in the blood stream, but should be allowable if user is using while at work and the job prohibits (Just like alcohol)

There are many aspects to be discussed, and there is no reason why the war against drugs can’t be put to rest. No matter what we may think of people who choose chemical poisons, we’ll never be able to stop them from doing it. Making things illegal just adds more allure to it. It makes people want to do it more. The prohibition is less about keeping people safe from themselves, and more about pushing someone else’s ideas down everyone’s throats.

Studies have proven that if we legalize marijuana, the use rates will go up and then drop dramatically. With it being regulated by the government, and not illegal, the appeal to be bad wont be so strong, and it’s more likely that medicinal patients will be the main users.

Not only that, but the increased rate of MJ users in other nations has actually proved to lower crime rates, automobile accidents and violent acts. There are no losses with the legalization of MJ!

It takes it out of the hands of the mafia’s and drugs dealers, and puts it in the public view. It makes it safer and easier to get a hold of, and actually adds value to our economy.

It’s a win/win/win situation, and all it will take to legalize MJ, is a well thought out plan that the president can logically endorse.

Many are looking to Washington state to make that initial move. Keep your eyes peeled, change is surely coming.

Advantage of legalizing the weeds

The use of the cannabis have been recorded for many years ago throughout the history of the human’s and the fact is that it is the plant which grows naturally that makes the criminalization seem ludicrous. Then how it uses will become an illegal when it is naturally grown and the important thing is that this plant is there on earth for longer than human being so you have no rights to destroy. When we say that use of the cannabis is banned then the society will suffer a lot due to the prohibition of the cannabis it forces the people to by in black market to handle all the substances presents in the state where there is no control over it. In order to control this prohibition the country or state need to make the weed legislation by announcing the use of the cannabis as legal.

There is also fact that there are many substances such as tobacco, fast food and alcohol are said to be perfectly legal where it is far more damaging the society and individuals when abused than the cannabis. Here are other reasons for the advantages of legalizing the cannabis includes.

  • The cannabis is easy to produce, provides high profit and it is of cheap to buy.

  • The antioxidants present in the cannabis can reverse the cancer where this has been proved in the research.

  • The overdose of the marijuana does not exhibit any harm to the people but other pharmaceutical drugs exhibits harm when it is overdose.

The advantage of the weed legislation will reduce the amount of necessary resources like trees being utilized for producing the hemp products such as like paper. When the country make the cannabis as legal then it can get more benefits economically and it will be very helpful in the field of the medical.