Advantage of legalizing the weeds

The use of the cannabis have been recorded for many years ago throughout the history of the human’s and the fact is that it is the plant which grows naturally that makes the criminalization seem ludicrous. Then how it uses will become an illegal when it is naturally grown and the important thing is that this plant is there on earth for longer than human being so you have no rights to destroy. When we say that use of the cannabis is banned then the society will suffer a lot due to the prohibition of the cannabis it forces the people to by in black market to handle all the substances presents in the state where there is no control over it. In order to control this prohibition the country or state need to make the weed legislation by announcing the use of the cannabis as legal.

There is also fact that there are many substances such as tobacco, fast food and alcohol are said to be perfectly legal where it is far more damaging the society and individuals when abused than the cannabis. Here are other reasons for the advantages of legalizing the cannabis includes.

  • The cannabis is easy to produce, provides high profit and it is of cheap to buy.

  • The antioxidants present in the cannabis can reverse the cancer where this has been proved in the research.

  • The overdose of the marijuana does not exhibit any harm to the people but other pharmaceutical drugs exhibits harm when it is overdose.

The advantage of the weed legislation will reduce the amount of necessary resources like trees being utilized for producing the hemp products such as like paper. When the country make the cannabis as legal then it can get more benefits economically and it will be very helpful in the field of the medical.

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