Month: December 2017

How to pass a drug test for benzos

There are a couple of ways to pass a benzo drug test. You know flushing out Benzodiazepines of your system is not harder than getting rid of any toxins. There are a couple of produt what can significantly speed up the process or there is another way: mask benzos in your system so the drug test can not detect it.

There are 4 kind of different benzo drug test, same with every drug:

  1. Urine
  2. Hair
  3. Blood
  4. Salvia

How to pass a drug test for benzos

The first two option is the mst common because benzdiazepines leave yur blood and saliva very early, within a few hours or one day maximum. So if you have an upcoming 6 panel drug test (5 panel drug tests can not detect benzos) then you best bet is to mask them in your system with some detox drinks.

These drinks are available online and in many smoke shops. You should drink the detox drink one hours before the test, urinate twice and you are good to go.

This work for all kind of drugs: opiates, THC, Ampehatimes,Benzos, Coke etc..basically you will get clean urine for about 5 hours, so whatever drug is in your system, it will stay in for 5 hours. If you submit the sample anytime within this timeframe, you are good.

If you want to get rid of benzos from your hair, then the macujo method is your best bet. Its not easy nor cheap and it takes a couple of days, but it does work. It will detox your hair from all toxins not just from benzdiazepines.

How To Flush Benzodiazepines Out Of Your System

How To Flush Benzodiazepines Out Of Your System

As I described it earlier, there are a couple of ways to pass a drug test for benzos, but these options are not permanent, your system wont detox, its just a temporary solution. If you want more than just passing the drug test, then you will need to do more. First off you need to stop using drugs and taking medications like benzos. Second you will need to change your lifestyle a bit, workout regularly, eat healthy and drink as much water as you can.

Check this youtube comment out, he didnt take benzos, but smoked weed regularly, the cleansing process is the same, drug is drug, you can get rid of them in the same way:

„I had 72 hours before the test n faced an L in the closet the same day. I took 10 250mg Niacin, 24/7 burn formula, and Cranberry pills each day. Also drank Magnesium Citrate (just to be safe) with lots of water and did Cardio activities.

Then on top of that I always tried to keep some Ready Clean Detox on stand by when I find it around $20 at any vitamin or GNC shop. Drank that 3 hours before my test got sent to the lab n still passed. If u serious about it I hope that helps.”

So if you are wondering how to Flush benzodazepines out of your system then you already know, one thing I want to emphasize is its not necessary to get clean in order to pass a benzo drug test. using detox drinks and masking toxins is way easier than detoxing your system permanently.

Forget about permanent detox option if you are going to take any kind of medications again, you will be „ dirty” again and you will need to do the detox routine over again.